Louis Aguilar

(J.D. ’79)
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner, named 2005 Latino Attorney of the Year by Hispanic National Bar Association Aguilar(J.D. ’79)

Walter Kimbrough

President of Philander Smith College in Arkansas

Monica Pang

(B.S.F.C.S. ’04),
First runner-up Miss America 2006 and now working for a marketing firm in Los Angeles

Deep Shah

(A.B. and B.S. ’08)
Foundation Fellow, 2007 Truman Scholar and 2008 Rhodes Scholar, earned master’s at Oxford, now at Harvard Medical School

Jace Weaver

Director of the Institute for Native American Studies

Valerie Boyd

Charlayne Hunter-Gault Writer-in-Residence in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Judith Ortiz Cofer

Regents and Franklin Professor of English and Creative Writing

Erica Holland

(A.B. and A.B.J. ’10)
Inaugural recipient of Donald and Louise Hollowell apprenticeship with UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Juanita Johnson-Bailey

Meigs Professor and director of Institute for Women’s Studies

Lioba Moshi

University Professor and director of Institute for African Studies

Marcia Newby

(B.S.A. ’10)
Gymnast named 2010 Arthur Ashe Jr. Female Sports Scholar of the Year

Kavita Pandit

Associate provost for international education

Mary Frances Early

(M.M.E. ’62)
First African American to earn a UGA degree.

Hamilton Holmes

(B.S. ’63)
First African American male student at UGA and went on to a successful career in medicine.

Yasmin Yonis

2010 Truman Scholar who expects to earn degrees in journalism and international affairs in 2011

Sheena Zhang

CURO Promising Scholar and Foundation Fellow who expects to earn degrees in ecology, biology and Honors interdisciplinary studies in 2011

Melissa Cabinian Kinnebrew

(B.S. and B.S.E.H. ’06)
Foundation Fellow and 2005 Goldwater Scholar, now working on an M.D./Ph.D. from Weill Cornell

Harold Black

(B.B.A. ’66)
Smith Professor of Financial Institutions at the University of Tennessee and Terry College Alumni Board

Josh Delaney

2010 Student Government Association president, expects to earn a degree in advertising in 2011

Dexter Fisher

Director of Physical Plant services department

Reginald McKnight

Hamilton Holmes professor of English

Cleveland Piggott

(B.S. ’10),
Promising Scholar and teaching assistant with UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Rodney Bennett

Vice president for student affairs

Maurice Daniels

Dean of the School of Social Work

Jerome Morris

College of Education of Education faculty member participating in the Ford Foundation’s Secondary Education and Racial Justice Collaborative

Deborah Roberts

(A.B.J. ’82)
ABC News correspondent

Deryl Bailey

Associate professor in the College of Education and director of the Empowered Youth Movement

Jayanthi Narain

(A.B. ’07)
2007 Marshall Scholar who earned master’s degrees at Oxford and the University of London and now an international affairs professional in D.C.

Chloe Thompson

(B.B.A. ’06),
Foundation Fellow and student speaker at ’06 Commencement, now a research analyst in Atlanta

Christine Akoh

2010 Goldwater Scholar, expects to earn bachelor’s degrees in food science and Honors interdisciplinary studies in 2012

Paige Carmichael

Meigs Professor and associate dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine

Mark Dawkins

Associate dean, Terry College of Business and president of the Black Faculty Staff Organization

Cheryl Dozier

Associate provost for institutional diversity

Barbara McCaskill

Associate professor of English and co-director of the Civil Rights Digital Library Initiative

Muktha Natrajan

Foundation Fellow, 2009 Goldwater Scholar and 2010 Udall Scholar, who expects to earn degrees in genetics and environmental health sciences in 2011

Tracy Yang

2011 Rhodes Scholar, plans to pursue a master's of science degree in global health science at Oxford University after graduating from UGA in May.

Pedro Portes

The Goizueta Foundation Distinguished Chair of Latino Teacher Education in the College of Education

Charlayne Hunter-Gault

(A.B. J. ’63)
First African American female student at UGA and went on to a successful journalism career.

Lucas Puente

(B.B.A.) and A.B.’10),
Foundation Fellow who interned with then-Sen. Barack Obama in D.C., now studying at Stanford

Kecia Thomas

Senior advisor for inclusion and diversity in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Caelin Cubenas Potts

(B.S. ’07)
Foundation Fellow and 2005 Goldwater Scholar, now enrolled in Ph.D. program with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Frank Ros

(B.S.Ed.’82), M.Ed.’84),
Captain of the 1980 national championship football team and currently vice president, Hispanic Strategies for The Coca-Cola Company

Gregory Broughton

Professor of music and director of the African-American Choral Ensemble

Ken Dious

(B.B.A.’68, J.D. ’73),
Athens attorney and president of the Northeast Georgia Business Council

Otis Johnson

Mayor of Savannah

Rogsbert “Zell” Phillips

(B.S. ’70),
Atlanta breast cancer specialist and founder of Sisters…by Choice breast cancer support group

Derrick Alridge

Director of the African American Studies Institute and professor in the College of Education

Ronald Cervero

Associate dean in the College of Education, has been involved in research on anti-racist education

Ceasar Mitchell

(JD ’95)
Currently president of the Atlanta City Council


The University of Georgia marked the 50th anniversary of its desegregation with a series of events beginning on Sunday, January 9 and continuing through Monday, February 28. The theme of the commemoration was "Celebrating Courage" – not only of the pioneering students who broke the color barrier, but of those who supported them and those who came after.

The legacy of Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter, who bravely walked on to the UGA campus on January 9, 1961 to register for classes, and of Mary Frances Early, who entered graduate school that summer, continues today as students, faculty, staff and alumni work together to build a diverse university that is welcoming to all.

The opening week of anniversary events brought back to campus some of the key figures from 50 years ago. The celebration continued with events planned by many campus units. See Media Coverage for YouTube videos, articles and more.