January 19, 2011

Education and Equality Through the Peabody Lens: “Something the Lord Made”

Peabody Award-winning, HBO film tells the story of Vivien Thomas, who became a legend in cardiac surgery during the Depression era in Nashville. Post-film discussion by Katie McCabe, who wrote a profile of Thomas in the Washingtonian that led to the making of the film.

February 02, 2011

Education and Equality Through the Peabody Lens: “Hoxie: The First Stand”

Peabody Award-winning film about Hoxie, Arkansas whose school board chose to voluntarily integrate its classrooms in the summer of 1955 after the Brown vs. Board of Education decision. The schools opened without protest, and teachers and parents reminisce about the ease with which black and white students mixed.

February 16, 2011

Education and Equality Through the Peabody Lens: “The Search for Quality Education: Busing”

A 1972 Peabody Award-winning film looks at busing for school integration in the South with Athens as one of the communities featured. The film includes comments by UGA’s Dean William Tate, Clarke County Board of Education attorney Eugene Epting, and Clarke County School Superintendent Charles McDaniel. A segment focusing on Oglethorpe Avenue School includes an interview with Principal Estelle Farmer, footage of Bridget Withers’ 4th grade class, and scenes from an Oglethorpe PTA meeting. After the film, former Athens Mayor Doc Eldridge and former state Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond will recount what it was like to attend a newly desegregated Athens high school.

February 23, 2011

UGA Premiere Screening

  • Type: Films
  • Sponsored By: University of Georgia
  • When: February 23, 2011 12:00 am
  • Where: Masters Hall, Georgia Center for Continuing Education
  • For more information: , (706) 542-5197

RESCHEDULED FROM JANUARYDonald Hollowell: Foot Soldier for Equal Justice documentary produced by UGA faculty Maurice Daniels and Derrick Alridge.