January 25, 2011

Multicultural Potluck

A platform to celebrate diversity by participating in the “Taste of the World" - Multicultural Potluck with performances, displays and sampling of international cuisine.

The Rest of the Story: Glimpses into Desegregation of Georgia Universities

PowerPoint presentation on facts, figures and anecdotes relating to the desegregation of universities in Georgia, with a focus on Southern Polytechnic State University.

Historical Perspectives on Race and Desegregation by UGA Professors Emeritus

Speech professors emeritus reflect on race and diversity at UGA from the 1960s to today.

Celebrating Courage via Jazz, Spoken Word

Participants will enjoy the music of a jazz band and listening to students and/or staff present a piece of their choice in the form of poetry or spoken words about courage. Light refreshments will be served.